Ready for spring but where is it?

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Ready for spring




Journelles is a newly launched German blog by my favourite fashion blogger Jessica Weiss. It has the right amount of fashion, interiors, design and beauty mixed with personal collages, styles and photographs. I love their citrus fashion collage.

Vote for the right person

Vote for the right candidate, vote Obama

I know this is a fashion blog mainly but I don’t care. This is too important.

The perfect shoe

The perfect shoe

I love ballerinas and I don’t like wearing high heels. So this is the perfect compromise between the two. The fact that it brightens up an autumn day with its bright red colour is a plus. I saw a girl wearing them the other day, they looked divine. There has been a lot of recent research in experimental social psychology on how clothes can affect our brain and change our perception of ourselves. I look forward to read more on the topic. Personally, bright colours always make me feel in a better mood but I rarely think they suit me. With these shoes however, there is no excuse.

Back to work

Back to work

Photo from Emma Elwin


I like pastels. Maybe I have been too influenced by the pastel trends for this summer but I really feel like spring is here when I look at them (even though it is raining in London every day). Hope this little collage reminds you that spring and sunny weather is coming.

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