Yes or no?

Studying in Copenhagen now…in a new country and new language again for the 3rd time in my life…Changed country a couple of times before due to several reasons…

But ok, International Business in Copenhagen, is this it? Is it the right thing for me to do?

To look at it from the bright side…international environment with interesting, friendly and smart people and you all talk english. The school is great and the city gorgeous.

But on the other side- a hard environment for a romantic, soft and not that materialistic person. Not the creative bohemian atmosphere directly…A lot of costume dressed guys and gorgeous looking business girls with perfect sitting clothes and gucci weekender bags. A competivite, male dominated branch build on the importance of money.

Is this for me?

I have to say I do not know. I gave ” Vargladspexarna”(a very artistic and creative studenttheatre in Lund, Sweden) a chance even if I did not think it was my thing…and it turned out to be the best year of my life. I learned to know one of my best friends, Alexandra ,and enjoyed a lot of time surrounded by wonderful people doing a lot of fun stuff when putting up our plays!!

We’ll see how this turns out, maybe I ‘ll switch to becoming a creative poor artist wondering around Paris streets and playing qitarr, or maybe just a creative person wondering around Paris street with my as creative friends and discussing taxes? Whatever happens, I think there must be some inspiring and imaginative people even in business? My very good friend Amanda is the perfect example giving me hope…

My life is always open for inspiring people and suggestions!

Update: I have completed BSc International Business and followed my creative interests. Now I study  Fashion Journalism in London.

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