Spring is here to stay…

One of the first sunny days in Copenhagen inspired me to look a bit more springlike and right after to bike down to town and have icecream…Ta dah

4 thoughts on “Spring is here to stay…

  1. Skicka in en bild på dig själv och din tuffaste, grymmaste, snyggaste stil och du har chansen att bli en tecknad figur i nästa film för Hultsfredsfestivalen! mer info på bloggen mvh Bandethttp://hemljuvahem.blogspot.com

  2. Mens and womens clothes are getting closer together. Your jeans would not be out of place on a male concerned with his street fashion.I’ll be in Copenhagen on vacation in a month – any good tips on what a guy in his mid-20s can do in his spare time?

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