Edinburgh reflections and thoughts

I have to say I often feel overwhelmed and stressed by all the nice things there are to do in the city of Edinburgh. I can feel much more we are living in an information society when i am here, the bookshops are gigantic and they have so much interesting litterature on basically any topic. That such a small city can encompass so much going on can depend a bit on the university being an influental part of its core. I feel all the time as if i am missing something when I am here.

There are tons of events and gigs and I meet many people studying different subjects, topics I would have liked to know more about like anthropology, sociology, english litterature, costume design. But it is impossible to read and know everything so people tell me I just have to choose one thing to focus on. I just don’t know how to handle it, never had this kind of problem. I get the feeling there is too much in this world for such a short life time to experience. And there is new ideas and disciplines evolving all the time, somebody I met was doing a MA in DJ-ing!

The internet age can sometimes be too much for me. there is just too much information, not only are there novels to be read but even more magazines than ever before, newspapers and now also blogs, emails, chats and so on. Media sells but also looses its meaning. Today everybody can express their opinion no matter if it is based on proper argumentation or just random talk. Of course it is good considering the freedom of speech and so on but having all these blogs spread all over the place just diminishes the meaning of words, one could call it word inflation. There is so much information out there, you stop noticing it.

There is so much creativity and that overwhelms me too. In every corner you are amazed by peoples’ talents and I cannot grasp how this world and the human mind in general can produce so much creativity. That there can exist so many places so different from each other with people living there in various ways but yet all united in their desire to be happy. Before i came here i couldn’t think i could meet that great people as the ones i knew in copenhagen everywhere but it happens all the time. it is just my mind that cannot grasp how there can exist so amazing people and places all over earth basically, people so different but yet so similar, that inspire you and understand you. Now I know it is possible. No matter if you are at Bang & Jensen in Vesterbro drinking warm Hyldeblomst and listening to Bob Dylan or at an underground student pub in Edinburgh observing people that do not care about style or fashion all dressed in t-shirts with holes and worn out Converse. Interesting places are everywhere and so are people. You just have to keep your eyes open and your return ticket too.

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