Music changes lives, influences, it creates meaning. It creates order or disorder; it takes you out of a sorrow or puts you into nostalgia. It brings different perspectives to colour the grey zones in your everyday live. It touches, sets lyrics and melodies to emotions, emotions otherwise so hardly expressed by anything else than poetry. Music is air for your lounges when you have difficulties breathing. It is the soundtrack of your life and you are choosing it yourself. It is there in solemn moments of solitude. It does not judge you, it does not expect you to be a better person, you are simply yourself. Music is pure closure felt through your bones, soul and creature. There is no single spot left untouched. That is, by good music, to add. But how do you find good music? You do not. It simply finds you. When the time is right.

Sometimes I wish days consisted of only nights. But I would miss the sun. I think, work and exist in nights. Inspiration only visits me then, knocks on my door and stands on my doorstep with rising expectations.

The picture shows Carl Barat, favorite musician, playing one of his last gigs with the Dirty Pretty Things band.


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