8 thoughts on “London

  1. Yes indeed! That would be SO great if they'd come back together! I remember Peter saying in an interview months ago that the libertines would come back. There's a new babyshambles record on the way too.. can't wait! I'm pretty excited for Carl's solo album too.;)

  2. I just discovered that Pete is coming to my country next month!!!! Unfortunately, no one I know likes pete either:( But I HAVE to go! I really hope I'll find someone to go with me, since I'm not allowed to go alone:(It would be awesome to get in touch when I go to London someday!;)

  3. He'll stay for three days and play in Utrecht, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. Unfortunately pretty far from the city where I live.:(I saw the clip on youtube, woah so jealous!

  4. thank you very much for your lovely compliment, but i didn't get your question about the layout… could you describe it better….pleae?!xo,a.

  5. Oh love the coat and hat such pretty colours!And thanks so much for your comment too about monki, i'l def check out the blog and see if its coming to the uk anytime soon!

  6. okay you need to edit the numbers at the html code to get another look but i can't describe it, so sorry, i have no idea about html codes, it was all just a big chance…

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