Shambles at Proud Camden 2/2/2010

The Babyshambles show at Proud yesterday blew my mind. I thought nothing would ever compare to their last show in November at Proud (which was basically a riot full of energy, a cute Pete who jumped right in front of me and later gave me an autograph with his classic man with a hat drawing). This gig however was so much more relaxed with less anxious (read drunk and love-sick) teenagers and a happier band- especially Adam who was amazing, hitting the drums covered in beer and still smiling at Pete and taking pics of the vibrating crowd with this Iphone. Basically a good gig. Even though way too short (only one hour resulting in Pete suddenly leaving the stage with a girl (in what some people would say true Pete style, he almost fell on stage because he was being so drunk… oh Pete when will you learn?).

After the gig, Adam, Drew and Mick were just hanging out with the crowd, talking, smiling, mingling, making jokes (among others Adam teasing me for having a Libertines pin on my cardigan, oh no!) and happily asking for pictures with fans and giving autographs. The best thing with the Stables is it’s such a small venue, perfect for more private gigs like this one where you get so much contact (yes lot’s of eye contact) with the band, eerhm drummer in this case. Such cute boys. Go Shambles!

Update: Adam sent me a dm on twitter saying he was just kidding about Libertines: quote “They were a great band”. Shambles too you know, I just couldn’t afford a pin, that’s all. Will ya give me one? 

Pics coming, watch this space…

One thought on “Shambles at Proud Camden 2/2/2010

  1. Låter underbart! Vem var du där med?
    Hoppas jobb och allt går bra. Blir det flytt förresten, och vill du att jag ska
    annonsera på fb eller har du redan hittat ngn som kan flytta in? xx

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