Great show yesterday at the Blues Kitchen as always…but quite a bit of a riot…amazing new songs, love Natives at the Roman Gate, Fireman, Stranger in my own skin. The boys were charming as usual even though Adam was not well…he looked miserable, poor fella, he almost fainted twice he said because of his stomach ache. But once again. Go Shambles!Looking forward to next intimate gig…

Here are some pictures that my friend Marilyn took at the Proud gig 2 February.

Oh yeah if you wonder where Pete is, he left early with a girl.

Me, Alba and Drew

Me, Adam, Alba and Marilyn

3 thoughts on “Babyshambles

  1. Oh, I’m so jealous!!!!!

    You left a comment a while ago on my blog. I think I forgot to response, so sorry!
    But I have the same! I don’t know anyone in real life who has the same interests… You can add me on msn( if you’d like to.:)


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