Something I wrote long time ago

It is a given that experiences like travel, meeting new people or seeing an art piece can add substance to your life. All these major inspiration sources change you, shape you and develop you as a person. If you allow them to of course. But what happens when everything slowly turns back to reality? You can view the inspiration being a sandstorm shaking the sand and then slowly moving on to another place. The corns, being left alone again, slowly settle to the ground. You are shaken, suddenly has your perspective changed, as if somebody had spiced your views on reality. You feel strong, the world lies there to be changed and new air is filling up your lounges. When thinking of the new experiences you see golden glittering corns in your mind, slowly shifting colours to bright spots. Inspiration is flowing around, taking shapes of triangles, circles and bubbles.

What happens when the sand settles to ground? Afraid of loosing this golden feeling, source of life, you try to glue it to material subjects like photos, music, collages, words. It is impossible. You try to fit it in your hand, burn it on your skin, put it in a box and store it in your brain. But the sand corns seek the escape between your fingers and disappear. You feel the anxiety taking control again. What if it never comes back and you are left lying there in the grey darkness with lack of inspiration? What can you do to keep it? Inspiration needs to be fed and watered. It must be caressed so it grows. It needs its energy so it can take the material forms we need in order to see it. And that completes the circle. Words, lyrics, melody, colours, texture, the way you talk, darkness, light, smile, things looked upon from a wrong angle- this list can be made endless…you seek the things that inspire you the most everyday and you will keep it alive. It will reproduce the feeling, even stronger than before. Each time you experience the feeling, it will lead you to more, it will grow in you. You will never lose it.

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