Interview 1: Fashion journalist Hywel Davies

Hywel Davies was my tutor in a short course I did in fashion journalism at Central Saint Martins beginning of 2010. He was a very inspiring and energetic lecturer always starting an interesting discussion and getting everyone involved.

Apart from teaching at Central Saint Martins, Hywel is currently working on a new book on fashion designers’ sketches and among other things also contributed to SHOWstudio. Over the course of his career he has written for publications such as Vogue, ELLE, Wallpaper, Nylon, Dazed & Confused,  Time Out, Tank, The Guardian and the The Financial Times just to mention a few. Read on for a look into his everyday life…

Hello Hywel,

So how is your day so far? Busy

What did you eat for breakfast? Yoghurt, Fruit, Coffee

Now on a more serious note:

As I understood, you are currently working on a new book, focusing on fashion designers’ sketchbooks. Why are you interested in that and what do you hope to get out of this? I wanted to study the process of fashion design – not just the end result.

How did you get to where you are now? How did you land your first job in fashion journalism? Studied Fashion Communication & Promotion @ CSM (Central Saint Martins ed note) – met loads of people and got offered a job on a magazine called Scene

Was it tough at the beginning? It is always tough. Continual hard work and always moving forward

Why did you choose fashion? I just loved clothes – I had no idea what fashion was

Favourite magazine, designer and model? – Magazine – there are too many. Designer – Margiela – Model – don’t have any preferences

What would your plan B job have been if not this? – No idea – maybe an art historian – I can’t imagine doing anything else –

Describe a typical day at work. Up at 5am – work, lunch at 12 – finish by 4 – out for dinner

What is the best/worst with fashion industry? It is always changing, it’s shallow, people are superficial – but its brilliant and exciting

What do you keep on your wall/diary? Lists of things to do

What’s your favourite London spots for a walk, lunch or going out? Hackney / Home

You have mentioned previously instinct is important when spotting talents etc.., how do you keep yours alive? Keeping my eyes open

What qualities impress you the most in a person? Ambition & honesty

What advice would you give to people wanting a break into the fashion industry? Be prepared to work hard and start at the bottom

Paste a photograph that inspires you. Extract from new book – Sketchbook by Tillmann Lauterbach

Finally, share a funny experience from the fashion world. Every fashion show I go to.

Thank you!


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