Interview: Adam Ficek

Picture provided by Adam Ficek

This is the second interview in the Q&A series with interesting creatives.

A singer, song writer and DJ, Adam is a multi talent but probably still known to most people as the drummer in Babyshambles. However he has been working on his side project Roses Kings Castles for a few years now and is just about to release his second album “Suburban Time Bombs” following debut album “Roses Kings Castles” which was released in 2008 to great critical response.

He talks to Gin and Milk things about his inspiration, music influences and the ups and downs with Babyshambles.

How did you get to where you are now? Any specific moments in your career you consider as beneficial chance encounters that have helped you progress? Nothing’s by chance! Actually it all is, I used to practice loads to be prepared for any musical situation, I met the right people at the right time and I joined a good band.

Was it tough at first? No.

Roses Kings Castles was your side project while in Babyshambles, that you helped start with your own money what do you feel you have gained from starting it- emotionally as well as professionally? I can release my own art when I want. Well that was the idea, emotionally it was quite liberating.

Favourite moment in your musical career? It’s yet to come.

Favourite band and song ever? Stone roses – Waterfall.

What would your plan B have been if you weren’t a musician?There is none. Whatever it was/is it would have been insignificant and used to fund my musical output.

Describe a typical day at work. Up at 8.30 then into studio by 9.30 working on either DJ edits/RKC demos/practicing/London guns or doing general production stuff. Throw in a few meetings and admin phone calls and that’s it, work generally happens in the evening.

How do you get inspiration for new songs?
It sounds odd but they just appear, I don’t have to work too hard. Perhaps it’ll dry up in the future.

Compared to many musicians in the industry who seem a bit distant and self-obsessed, I find you very grounded, friendly and accessible. You chat to your fans on Twitter, Facebook and at gigs. How do you stay true to yourself?It’s all about ego and reality, I come from a background of working in the real world, getting up at the crack of dawn and doing jobs I don’t particularly want to do, having that experience keeps me grounded.

I know the whole Babyshambles end was very disappointing both to you and the fans, are you still friends with Pete?I don’t really speak to the other members or their associates. I make no money for the associates so why should they? It was a very upsetting time, it makes you realise how insincere people can be in this industry. Doors closed over night, at first it knocked me down but I now feel more determined than ever. The RKC music is a long-term journey. I believe in good things happening to good people.

What is the band’s future now, you reckon? My focus is on RKC but I am still a member of Babyshambles in a sense.

Favourite Babyshambles song/gig? My most exciting time in the band was between 2005 and 2006 when everything was bursting and untarnished. My favourite gig was Brixton Academy 2005.

What advice would you give to people wanting to break into the music industry? It’s about who you know, get to know people who are on the inside or do something media worthy. Or swerve all that rubbish and make good music for yourself.

Favourite London places? My house.

Rain or snow? Snow.

Favourite Smiths song? Reel around the fountain.

Has having children changed you? No it makes you realise how much it really matters.

What qualities impress you most in a person?Loyalty. Sincerity.

“Suburban Time Bombs” will be released in November
Roses Kings Castles will be playing London’s Hoxton Bar & Kitchen on the 9th November, 21.30.
For more information visit: (under construction)

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