A less bright creature?

Rupert Grint (Source: readingharry.com)

After reading associate editor of the Sunday Times Eleanor Mills’ feature as part of the Harry Potter special in this Sunday Times Magazine (7 Nov), I am the least said very disappointed.

As an enthusiastic reader of the newspaper, I find it outrageous how being an associate editor can help you get away with writing that to me does not constitute good journalism.

Mills, who was granted “exclusive access” to the Harry Potter film set for the article, clearly insults actor Rupert Grint. After giving a detailed view of why she thinks Emma Watson is the star of the show, she continues by expressing inappropriate  judgments about Grint.

In a rather shallow fashion she writes:

“In person, Watson is the star of the bunch. It is clear within seconds that in real life there is no way she would be dating Rupert Grint, an altogether clunkier, slower and dare I say it- less bright creature”.

I personally admire journalists who tell the truth about the people who they interview, but this is not telling the truth. This is- judging a person with whom she spent one hour at the most.

And what mostly disturbs me is that the article is supposed to be part of a Harry Potter special, celebrating the latest movie. What is more, Rupert Grint is a role model to many children and a very loved character.

I ask myself, what is Eleanor Mills actually trying to say with this article? What is her main message? That millions of kids out there who admire and relate to Ron’s clumsy but warm and friendly character are wrong? Or maybe that they are not good enough?

The main message seems to say: If you are not beautiful, you are just not good enough.

I have always thought the Sunday Times was a publication of high class which would rise above such comments that to me sound more like the work of the Sun. Or notorious fiction journalist Rita Skeeter’s work, like a dear friend so brilliantly pointed out.

4 thoughts on “A less bright creature?

  1. That’s so absurd. How can she say “there is no way she would be dating” him? I mean, who is she to know such thing basing her argument on such shallow points? It’s absolutely ridiculous, Rupert is so talented and such an amazing person, which she isn’t and never will be. Emma is the star of the bunch? Well, Rupert is the most talented of the bunch, and her stupid article (such as her stupid opinion about his personality) won’t change that.

    I would like to say much more and express myself better, but i’m brazilian, english is not my first language, so unfortunately, i can’t say much more. But i think you understood what i’m trying to say. Sorry if i have some grammar mistakes. 😉

  2. i am shocked that a journalist of her status is blinded by such superficiality. i also remember her insulting daniel radcliffe. i think Rupert makes a perfect Ron. its so horrible that she can judge rupert and emma so fast when she was there to get a behind-the-scenes view of the film. i am so happy other people share my views on this stupid article. 🙂

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