A Friday list

My best friend: a small group of people living in different countries who I love and trust.

When I brush my teeth: I try to think about interesting things and ideas but mostly I am just very bored.

When I cook food:  I like using fresh herbs.

I am (a little bit) afraid of: never finding a place where I want to settle down.

The worst feeling is:  sorrow.

I’m best at: inspiring and uniting people.

I’m worst at: coming on time.

I’m listening at: the fire in the fireplace.

I talk: too much.

I like: reading, traveling to warm countries, cats and being with people I love.

Love is: great when it is unconditional and mutual.

Last summer: I went on two of the best trips in my life, one to Rome and one to Bulgaria.

Last time I cried: were tears of laughter.

When I want to think: I go on a walk, take a hot shower, write and travel.

When I bake: it is usually a cake.

Right now I am thinking about: that I don’t want to leave Sweden.

Today I have: replanted my 15 year old cactus.

Tonight I will: sleep.

Tomorrow I will: Bake cakes and play with the cats, maybe even write an article or two.

My phone is: out of battery.

When I wake up in the morning: I love turning on the other side and continuing sleeping for a while more.

List borrowed from the amazing Sandra. Picture- sorry, don’t remember

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