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I like pastels. Maybe I have been too influenced by the pastel trends for this summer but I really feel like spring is here when I look at them (even though it is raining in London every day). Hope this little collage reminds you that spring and sunny weather is coming.

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COS has my favorite spring collection on the high street right now. Pastels mixed with neon yellow here and there. The materials are sublime and the colors unique. When you enter the store you are hit by the amazing color combinations that COS are so good at styling together. This collection is a winner.

Weekend home inspiration

Paris vs New York

I have liked the quirky graphic prints of Paris vs New York for a long time but have completely forgotten to share it here. Its founder Vahram Muratyan makes the coolest illustrations that immaculately capture the diverse souls of these two world metropoles. The bold colours + the minimalist stripped down designs = visual eye candy that must be seen right now

These ones are some of the coolest

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Revival of the 90’s

It’s been a lot of fashion lately. Now to music.

I’ve been listening to a lot of 90’s nostalgic pop and rock. The song below has for example been on repeat all day today. I don’t know what it is about these songs but they are still very powerful to me. Maybe it is because they remind me of growing up? Or maybe because I loved the tacky/sexy videos? I don’t know. I still like them. I mean come on- Crazy just breathes Freedom with capital F.


Fashion candy

Clutch from Chloé £260, Earrings from Lulu Frost £170, Fashion diary from Smythson £200

Scandinavian design

Back in business

So after a loooong while with no posts, I am back.

Take a look at the Coveteur , a new blog about inspiring people’s homes and things.


Natalie Joos' home world

How to beat winter blues?


Picture from Twin magazine

Any ideas on how to be happy when it is dark and cold outside and nothing seems fun anymore? One of my ideas is to look at summer photographs- like the one above. One of my favorite bloggers, Sandra Beijer, suggests a whole list of things here.


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