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Vote for the right person

Vote for the right candidate, vote Obama

I know this is a fashion blog mainly but I don’t care. This is too important.

Back to work

Back to work

Photo from Emma Elwin

Marni @ H&M

I love H&M’s collaboration with Marni. Usually I wouldn’t queue for their designer collaborations but this time I most certainly will. Understated yet strong, classic cut meets tribal influence. I love it! For Marni, I can consider eating noodles for the rest of the month. The collection is available in selected H&M stores on the 8th March.

What do you call a picture that is not a picture?

So I promised myself to only blog when I genuinely have something interesting to share, not for the sake of it. And I don’t know whether there has been few interesting things or me being particularly slow at spotting fun things but fact is there haven’t been many new interesting updates (damn you 2011 new year’s resolution about blogging more, you make me feel guilty and embarrassed).

So that’s why I decided to start with a really exciting thing to share. A website which allows you (if you have Google Chrome Reader) to turn Google streetview pictures to amazing pieces of art. You can twist and turn and tweak to get ever so new results.

My three favorites that I “made”:

Central Park New York

West Village, New York

and of course…Camden

You can find the link here

My fashion shot for Zara

Blazer, black jeans and blouse are from Zara, the clutch and shoes are vintage

I had the incredible honor to have my picture (above) published on the Zara People October #3 street style website. For those of you who don’t know what it is – check it out here. Zara gives the opportunity to “normal” people who love shopping at Zara to publish a shot of themselves in an urban environment, wearing 2 or more of their designs. Judging from all the beautiful pictures that they have chosen so far, photography seems to matter equally as styling. And what I love the most about this platform is that it also offers an incredible opportunity for people from all around the world to showcase their work whether they love blogging, styling or photography.

I did most for fun (and a bit for money too as I was broke) and asked one of my good friends who likes taking pictures to shoot me outside one of my favorite shops in East London. It was a mild, sunny Sunday and it was the perfect light and mood for taking that picture. She took me by surprise when I wasn’t posing and the shot was born. And I did enjoy making it even though I also felt embarrassed by all the people who passed by on their way to Brick Lane market and wondered what the hell we were doing.

Anyways, I sent in my picture and only 2 weeks after, Zara called me to say they loved it and wanted to publish it. I was so incredibly happy to get that good news in the morning. And when I saw it on their website, I couldn’t believe it – it looked amazing. Same day I also got lots of new visits on my blog.

So with this post I would like to say THANK YOU ZARA and a warm WELCOME to all new readers!

Summer in October

Photo: Majcs4 on Flickr

The heat wave continues in London. After the coldest summer since 1993, we now get the warmest October day in history with almost 30 degrees outside.  Yes, this is also why the blog hasn’t been updated recently. SUN IN LONDON is a rare thing.

Fashion candy

Clutch from Chloé £260, Earrings from Lulu Frost £170, Fashion diary from Smythson £200

Conde Nast to launch fashion & design academy in London

From 2012 international publisher Conde Nast will be launching a London-based fashion school where tuition paying students can study and gain an insight into the major publishing house and its famous publications. For students interested in fashion, VOGUE will be offering both a 10 week intensive course as well as a one year foundation course while House & Garden magazine will be the primary destination for interior design courses. There will also be courses on MA level but competitions for the places will be fierce with only 300 places available altogether.

The Conde Nast school website will open shortly, more info to follow.

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